A List of Questions

1: what was the first movie you can recall ever watching?


2: what’s your least favorite holiday?


3: are you an auditory, visual, or tactile learner?


4: do you have allergies?

-A weird relation with Milk

5: happiest memory?


6: how often do you use chapstick?

-pretty much daily

7: what subject do you wish you were an expert in?


8: would you travel to another planet?


9: if you could make any job you want, what would it be?


10: your scariest story?

-My Life

11: favorite 2018 trend?


12: scarf or hat?


13: what was your favorite year in school?

-Year 9

14: preferred weather?

-Sunny around 23 Degrees

15: do you remember your dreams?


16: favorite song you’ve recently discovered?

-The Band Leningrad

17: book/movie that you would never read/watch again?

-50 Shades of Abuse

18: someone who’s changed your life?


19: least favorite breakfast food?

-Whats breakfast

20: why do you hate ____? (your choice)

21: why do you like ____? (your choice)

22: would you rather live in antarctica or the sahara desert?

-Sahara, theyve got better food there

23: top five movies of 2018?


24: are you religious?


25: what’s your dream aesthetic?

-Stars and Cats

26: tea or coffee?


27: favorite boardgame?

28: have you ever used tarot cards?

-Never used them

29: what fictional character would you bring to life?

-Cadaveribus Pugnatur

30: telekinesis or telepathy?


31: real or fake plants?


32: do you have a full length mirror?


33: what’s something that no one on tumblr knows about you?

-my adress

34: what’s something that no one outside of tumblr knows?

-Eh good Question

35: dream url?

-nonbinaryavocado (oh thats mine)

36: how long have you had your most recent blog?


37: is it raining right now?


38: fuzzy socks or oversized sweaters?


39: have you ever dated?

-3 People

40: what’s your favorite joke?

-Donald Trump

41: what’s a random fact you know?

-If u would throw the spynx at the speed of ligth down to earth, the temperature would raise about 0,2 Degrees

42: do you have any siblings?

-Only Adopted ones

43: if you had to stay in a dark closet for five hours, what would be the first thing to scare you out?

-Thats gay

44: floral scents or warm scents?


45: weirdest thing you own?

-street signs

46: something you’re proud of?

-Not fucking up everything

47: are your walls covered in posters?


48: favorite picture you or someone else has taken of you?

-Under this Post

49: cottage by a waterfall or cabin by a ski slope?


50: something you’ve done that’s out of your comfort zone?


51: how many languages are you fluent in?


52: do you play any instruments?


53: household item that creeps you out?


54: favorite word?

-Fuck, Mudag

55: what three things would be needed to summon you?

-Cosplay, Youtube and a Pride Flag

56: are you a meat eater, vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan?


57: one thing you wish never existed?


58: one thing you wish existed?

-Warp Speed

59: if you could time travel only once and back, where would you go?

-2006 to see MCR live

60: favorite story you read as a kid?


61: tuxedo or dress?


62: what’s an addiction of yours?

-Cosplay and Nail Polish

63: long or short nails?


64: wand or crystal ball?

-Wand *Moonemoji*

65: what’s one food you would like to try?

-traditional siberian stuff

66: fruits or vegetables?


67: have you ever gone ice skating?


68: something you’ve excelled in?


69: do you like public speaking?

-Most of the time

70: have you ever bought a yearbook?


71: what’s something that would make you laugh?

-Weird Cosplay Videos

72: favorite thing about your personality?

-Im not nice

73: deep sea diving or cave exploring?

-Deep Sea

74: who would you bring with you on an adventure?

-Natinka and Finn

75: have you ever been to disneyland?


76: have you ever met a celebrity?


77: would you rather climb a tree that reaches the sky or down a ladder that goes to the middle of the earth?

-Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde

78: favorite extracurricular class you’ve taken?


79: what’s something you want to do for someone else?

-writing cute notes

80: if you were given 1 million dollars and you could only spend it on five things, what would you spend it on?

-Helping Poor  Humans, A Flat in the Suedvorstadt, wait already spend 10 million oh

81: worst memory involving someone else?

-Everything with L.

82: do you keep books in your room?


83: have you ever traveled somewhere alone?


84: what natural disaster are you most afraid of?

-Climate Change

85: are you more brave, determined, or curious?

-Curious brave ,not a good combination

86: whales or dolphins?


87: mansion or penthouse?


88: would you rather live alone or with a friend?

-with a friend

89: if you discovered a country, what would you name it?


90: do you keep letters and holiday cards?


91: what’s something you know you hoard?

-Weird Stuff i found

92: favorite video game?


93: what genre do you like most?


94: have you ever broken a promise?

-i guess

95: what color do you want to paint your room?


96: first word that comes to your mind?


97: do you sleep with a light on?

-yes and no

The Picture now