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100 questions to invade my personal life

1. What's your middle name, and do you like it?

Elyça and yeah i've chosen it so i like it

2. are you artistic?

I love writing so yeah

3. Have you had your first kiss?


4. What is your life goal?

Writing Books and being creative

5. Do you have any expieriences with a famous person?

A bit of it

6. Do you play any sports?


7. What's your worst fear?


8. Who's your biggest inspiration?

Finn and Billie Joe Armstrong

9. Do you have any cool talents?

my writings isn't that bad

10. are you a morning person?

No fucking way

11. How do you feel about pet names?

Should be like human names

12. Do you like to read?

love to

13. Name a list of shows that have changed your life.

-Yuri on Ice


-Assasination Classroom

14. Do you care about your follower count?


15. What's the best dream you've had?

-Seeing Yuri Plisetsky IRL

16. Have you ever kissed someone of your same gender?

totally loved it

17. Do you have any pets?

sadly not

18. Are you religious?


19. Are you a people person?

depends on the people

20. Are you considered popular?

i guess

21. What is one of your bad habits?

biting nails

22. What's something that makes you feel vulnerable

A lot of things but going into detail id say feelings and not looking like i don't care

23. What would you name your children?

Ann, Laira, Illyra

24. Who's your celebrity crush?


25. What's your best subject?


26. Dogs or cats?


27. most used social media besides tumblr?


28. best friends name

29. who does your main family consist of

My Mam, Finn and Candy

30. Chocolate or sugar


31. have you ever been on a date?


32. Do you like rollercosters?


33. Can you swim?


34. What would you do in the event of an apocolypse?

Cuddling with my faves

35. Have you struggled with any kind of mental disorder

haha all of them

36. Are your parents together?


37. What's your favourite colour?


38. What country are you from/do you live in?


39. Favourite singer?

Gerard Way

40. Do you see yourself being famous some day?

I hope not

41. Do you like dresses?

Dresses are so beautiful so fuck yes

42. Favourite song right now?


43. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?


44. How old were you when you first got your period?


45. Have you ever shot a gun?


46. Have you ever done yoga?

tried it

47. Are you a horror girl?

Yeah totallllly

48. Are you good at giving advice?


49. Tell us a story about your childhood.

50. How are you doing today?

not to bad

51. Were you a cute kid?

im still adorbale as fuck (me)

52. Can you dance?


53. Is there anything you do that you can't remember ever not doing?

54. Have you ever dyed your hair?

done every color

55. What colour are your eyes?


56. What's your favourite animal?


57. Have you ever made a huge fool of yourself?

Oh yes

58. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?


59. Do you have good friends?

the best ones

60. Are you close with anyone of the lgbtq+ group?

i don't have any hetero friends

61. What's your favourite class?


62. List all the tv shows you are watching.


•Assasination Classroom


63. Are you organized?


64. What was the last movie you saw? Opinion?

Deadpool, Amazong

67. Which tv character do you relate to most?


68. What are some things that stand between you and complete happiness?


69. If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing?

Helping other people

70. What would you change about your life if you knew you would never die?

beeing more risky with stuff

71. What would you do differently if you knew that no one was judging you?

Wearing skirts more often

72. If you could start over, what would you do differently?

not dating my ex

73. Would you break the law to save a loved one?

already did that

74. When was the last time you travelled somewhere new?


75. When you think of your home, what immediately comes to mind?

Finn and Cats

76. What have you done to pursue your dreams lately? How about today?

Im writing stuff

77. What did you want to be when you were a kid?


78. If you dropped everything to pursue your dreams, what would you be risking?

nothing tbh

79.When did you not speak up, when you know you really should have?

When one of my old teachers criticized me

80. Describe the next five years of your life, and your plans, in a single sentence

Traveling the world and writing about it

81. What would happen if you never wasted another minute of your life, what would that look like?

Beeing actually productive

82. If you could live forever, how would you spend eternity?

looking at cute boys wearing skirts and stuff

83. How would you spend a billion dollars?

Giving it to poor humans

84. If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?


85. What motivates you to succeed?

My beloved friends

87. Would you rather live in the city or the woods? Why?

City, cuz Spätis, Nigthwalks and Cosplay

88. Do you believe in life after death


89. What teacher inspired you the most? How did they?

My English teacher by beeing themself

90. What’s your fondest childhood memory?

91. If you could have dinner with any one person, living or dead, who would they be and why?

It would be Finn because i feel like i can talk to him about everything and that's just better then everything i could images

92. What would you have to see to cry tears of joy?

my friends succeeding

93. What is the hardest lesson you had to learn in life?

Don't fucking date people cuz they're nice to you

94. What do you think happens after we die?

We get reborn

95. What would you do if you would be invisible?

Leaving cute notes for my friends

96. What's something you can't do no matter how hard you try?

Applying eyeliner without making it look emo af

97. Would you want to choose the sex and appearance of your offspring?


98. How did your first crush develop?

we've become pals and yeah still like kissing him

99. Is there a feeling you are trying to ignore? What is it?

yeah more then one

100. Do you live or do you just exist?</p>

i live